Number Stamp H4

Stamp Number Stamp H4 Hand Stamp
Stamp Number Stamp H4 Hand Stamp
Number Stamp
For special application, self-inking. Wheels rotate in either direction, speedily set by stylo.

Special features

  • Set by stylo, rotate in either direction
  • Wheels with 12 fields (0 to 9, hyphen, blank)
  • Letters and figures can be engraved on every wheel
Order No.Sample PrintsA ↕
37H4; Order No.: 37; 3.5 mm (72dpi)3.5 mm
38H4; Order No.: 38; 5.5 mm (72dpi)5.5 mm
39H4; Order No.: 39; 5.5 mm (72dpi)5.5 mm
40H4; Order No.: 40; 5.5 mm (72dpi)5.5 mm

Technical Data

Outer frame:Nickelled and highly finished
Number of wheels:6 and more wheels of special alloy
Figure size:3.5 mm, 4.5 mm or 5.5 mm
Automatic action:0x, 1–4x
Figure style:Antique or Block
Ink pad:Horray Colormatic 1, black or red or pre-inked pad incl. pad holder
Weight:360 g