Date Stamp with Textplate H43

Stamp Dater Textplate H43
Stamp Dater Textplate H43
The New Easy!
Date with abbreviated English months or months in figures. Textplate 35 x 25mm.

Special features

  • Date is set by thumb lever
Order No.Sample PrintsA ↕
60H43; Order No.: 60; 4.0 mm (72dpi)4.0 mm
61H43; Order No.: 61; 4.0 mm (72dpi)4.0 mm

Technical Data

Prints:Date, Text
Figure size:Delrin: 35 x 25 mm
Outer frame:Plastic, ruby coloured
Number of wheels:Wheels of Delrin
Figure size:4.0 mm
Figure style date:Block, date in figures
Ink pad:Pre-inked pad incl. pad holder
Weight:152 g