Automatic Numbering Machine H52

Stamp Automatic Numbering Machine H52
Stamp Automatic Numbering Machine H52
Automatic Numbering Machine for normal usage
Coloured standard model in black, red and yellow.

Special features

  • Also available Arabic and Iranian figures
  • 4 wheels with automatic action
Pos.Sample PrintsA ↕
01H52; Pos.: 01; 3.5 mm (72dpi)3.5 mm
02H52; Pos.: 02; 4.5 mm (72dpi)4.5 mm
03H52; Pos.: 03; 5.5 mm (72dpi)5.5 mm
04H52; Pos.: 04; 3.5 mm (72dpi)3.5 mm
05H52; Pos.: 05; 4.5 mm (72dpi)4.5 mm
06H52; Pos.: 06; 5.5 mm (72dpi)5.5 mm
07H52; Pos.: 07; 5.5 mm (72dpi)5.5 mm
08H52; Pos.: 08; 5.5 mm (72dpi)5.5 mm

Technical Data

Prints:Number Date Text
Outer frame:Plastic, black, red, yellow
Number of wheels:6 alloy wheels, sinkable zero
Figure size:3.5 mm, 4.5 mm or 5.5 mm
Automatic action:0x, 1–4x
Figure style:Antique or Block
Ink pad:Horray Colormatic 1, black or red
Weight:310 g