Automatic Numbering Machine H55

Stamp Automatic Numbering Machine H55
Stamp Automatic Numbering Machine H55
Automatic Numbering Machine for professional usage
For everday usage. Exact positioning of imprint due to line indicator at base plate.

Special features

  • Also available Arabic and Iranian figures
  • 4 wheels with automatic action
Order No.Sample PrintsA ↕
21H55; Order No.: 21; 3.5 mm (72dpi)3.5 mm
22H55; Order No.: 22; 4.5 mm (72dpi)4.5 mm
23H55; Order No.: 23; 5.5 mm (72dpi)5.5 mm
24H55; Order No.: 24; 3.5 mm (72dpi)3.5 mm
25H55; Order No.: 25; 4.5 mm (72dpi)4.5 mm
26H55; Order No.: 26; 5.5 mm (72dpi)5.5 mm
27H55; Order No.: 27; 5.5 mm (72dpi)5.5 mm
28H55; Order No.: 28; 5.5 mm (72dpi)5.5 mm

Technical Data

Outer frame:Nickelled and highly finished
Number of wheels:6 wheels of special alloy, sinkable zeros
Figure size:3.5 mm, 4.5 mm or 5.5 mm
Automatic action:0x, 1–4x
Figure style:Antique or Block
Ink pad:Horray Colormatic 1, black or red
Weight:490 g