Mail Date Stamp P1

Stamp Mail Dater P1
Stamp Mail Dater P1
Solid built handstamp. Head made from single piece
Various dates available. Wheels locked in place by threaded pin. Textplate with 30 mm, 35 mm and 40 mm head diameters.

Special features

  • Print head made of one entire piece of hardenable steel
  • Solidly built
  • If required with hour wheels
Order No.Sample PrintsA ↕
65P1; Order No.: 65; 3.0 mm (72dpi)3.0 mm
66P1; Order No.: 66; 3.0 mm (72dpi)3.0 mm

Technical Data

Prints:Date, Text
Figure size:Textplate with 30 mm or 35 mm head diameter
Figure size:3.0 mm
Figure style date:Block, various dates available
Ink pad:Hand inking by separate ink pad
Ink pad P12
Plastic case with cover, Ø 135 mm
Weight:200 g