Mail Roller Dater P2

Stamp Mail Dater P2
Stamp Mail Dater P2
Solid built roller stamp with wavy lines
Various date configurations available. Works on irregular surfaces. Self-inking by built in ink roll. Diameter of postmark 29 mm.

Special features

  • Wheels and print barrel made from steel
Order No.Sample PrintsA ↕
67P2; Order No.: 67; 3.0 mm (72dpi)3.0 mm

Technical Data

Prints:Date, Text
Figure size:Roller engraved with wavy lines
Diameter of postmark 26 mm
Max. imprint diameter 29 mm, unengraved
Figure size:3.0 mm
Automatic action:Stylo set
Figure style date:Block, various dates available
Ink pad:Self-inking by built in ink roller
Weight:400 g