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Below you will find an overview of available Inks for Metal Stamps and Quick Drying Inks. Detailed information can be found  here.

Ink for Metal Stamps

For all Horray metal stamps we recommend to use our special oil based ink.

- in transparent boxes of 12 tubes, of 15 ml
  colors: black or red

- or in bottles of 45 ml or 500 ml
  colors: black, red, blue, green

Quick Drying Inks

Suitable for metal stamps and solvent resistant dies. Used on non-absorbent surfaces, such as metal, coated papers, plotter prints, tracing paper, many plastics, and foils such as coated polyethylene (PE).

- R 2021 black 45 ml / 500 ml
- R 3023* black 45 ml / 500 ml

*Light- and weatherproof, non-toxic.

Thinner for Quick Drying Inks

- R 2530 45 ml / 500 ml