Dater-Numberers with and without Textplate

HORRY Numbering Machines print quickly consecutive numbers and date on your documents. All standard units feature a 6 digit number, other models go up to 16 digits. The numbers run automatically up to 5 digits, depending on the model. You can print from 000001 up to 099999 consecutively or you may choose another repetion of the numbers, e.g. duplicate, triplicate etc.. You may ask for your own choice of wheel combination with print wheels printing letters or special characters. There are also text plates available which can be engraved to your requirements.

Many models feature lever set date change to avoid dirty fingers. Dates are available in a wide variety of combinations and languages. Textplates can be engraved to your requirements.

Please find the different models and sample prints below.

Automatic Numbering Machine H56

For normal office usage, also available Arabic and Iranian figures.

Stamp Automatic Numbering Machine H55
Horray H56 Pos09.jpg
Horray H56 Pos10.jpg
Horray H56 Pos11.jpg
Horray H56 Pos12.jpg
Horray H56 Pos13.jpg
Horray H56 Pos14.jpg

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Automatic Numbering Machine H57

Identical to Model B6 but particularly light and plastic frame.

Stamp Automatic Numbering Machine H57
Horray H57 Pos15.jpg
Horray H57 Pos16.jpg
Horray H57 Pos17.jpg
Horray H57 Pos18.jpg
Horray H57 Pos19.jpg
Horray H57 Pos20.jpg

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